A Brief History

Top Cat Creations was founded by Jeannette S. Riddick, based on her expertise and enjoyment of personalizing assorted cards, program, and obituaries. As a U.S. Government worker since her late teens, Jeannette learned how to to use the typewriter and became the "secretary" so-to-speak for the family. Through this experience she learned how to customize and design various print materials, including letters, cards, and obituaries. As the computer age became more visible, her vision with her designs took on a new form. Whenever a birthday, funeral, or happy occasion took place, a personalized card for that occasion was sent. Eventually, her daughters began adding their suggestions with pictures, graphs, formatting, and proofing expertise which gave them an idea of offering these services on a professional scale. Now at the age of retirement and looking for something to do, Jeannette has decided to make a career out of something that has been an enjoyable hobby of hers for years. This new endeavor has become a creative opportunity that she can enjoy with her daughters. In 2014, the trio combined their talents and established Top Cat Creations. 

While attending camp at an early age, Jeannette's parents and relatives used to think of names to help cheer her up and encourage her.  The name that stood out most was the name her mother used when sending her letters and cards, which always had "T.C." labeled on them.  Jeannette's mother said that "T.C." meant "Top Cat," which still encourages her to this day.


TOP CAT CREATIONS is a family-owned print and design company whose mission is to create affordable, valuable, and effective products for the average consumer.